Tuesday, April 27, 2010

caught by a tumbleweed

Okay, I dropped the ball, I will readily admit it. I even had some guilt there for awhile for not posting in a month. Then I realized today that it's been TWO months. Now that's just plain wrong.

Let's play catch up!

YES!! We did get the dishwasher fixed finally. It turns out that repairman two did change out the motor but that's not what the problem was. We still got to keep the new motor and everything else AND repair man three gave us a new, um.... electronic starter part thing that I can't remember the name of. Thankfully the dishwasher Gods looked down upon us and smiled. Whew. I don't want to go back to the cave man days that's for sure.

Okay, everyone's caught up! I think that may be why I haven't been writing for two months. We lead a pretty uneventful lives.

For example:
~ It was tax season, I worked a little bit. Now it's not, so I don't.
~ The girls both got haircuts and are both adorable as ever. Eventually I'll post pictures but I'm too lazy today.
~ I did lose some weight on our little "I" diet plan but then I gained it back because I hate depriving myself of really yummy things. Like chocolate. And wine. P I may be destined to be fat forever. Which I supposed would be fine as long as my pants fit.
~ My parents came back from Arizona, AKA the land of winter sun, the beginning of the month and we've only forced them to come to our house twice since they've returned! I think that may be a record.
~ um. I think that may be it.

I will try try try to post more regularly, with the sun hanging around here in the Midwest again, things will pep up and hopefully get interesting. But not too interesting, eh?

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Jen said...

Has it been that long? Holy heck! I'm about that far behind in READING blogs!
And I've finally decided that I can work out four days a week (which I do) and I'm not going to lose weight unless I quit drinking. Which I don't want to or think I can, do. I can feel definite muscles under the padding, but you sure can't see them. Sigh...