Saturday, February 27, 2010

the thrill is gone

This dishwasher drama is never ending. What are we up to? Three weeks now? We're still hand-washing dishes. A different repair man came yesterday and was here for about 90 minutes tops. He never pulled the dishwasher out. He never unplugged the dishwasher. I was surprised he was done so quickly and hadn't done those things yet so I asked, "did you replace the motor?"

"Yeah, I'm all done. I ran it a couple of times and it's working fine now."

"Oh, okaaaay." Clearly I had my doubts, but I was so happy and excited at the thought of a working appliance I let my fears go. We loaded the dishwasher after dinner and were so relieved to have a clean kitchen with so little work. On the way to bed last night I set the dishwasher all up to run early in the morning like I always do when we have a running dishwasher. Looking forward to waking up in the morning with magically clean dishes.

But we didn't.

It stopped just like it always does. It filled the bottom with water and the motor tried to go and couldn't. I'm quite certain this tech did the least amount of work he thought he could get away with and left. Because it was Friday and who really wants to do all that work on Friday. I mean really. It's Friday! It may as well just be early Saturday morning. Right?

So I called the SEARS* people and told them my woes this morning, of course the tech took the new motor with him so I have no actual proof he didn't change the motor out. After I told the phone person our deal with our really big white space hog she asked if there was anything else she could help me with to which I said, "yeah, after three weeks of doing dishes by hand I'd really like my dishwasher fixed."


* SEARS has appliance repair deals with non-SEARS companies, this is no slam on SEARS. Not that they'd care or are listening, I'm just FYIing here.

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kmbr said...

customer service is all about making your customers hate you. its a new marketing tactic. or you'd think so, its so pervasive.