Sunday, February 21, 2010

like I said, it's free

I've found my self in an ever-expanding loop of 'what ifs'.

I started researching starting a business at the Small Business Administration website. Honing up on what I need to do that I haven't thought of previously. Apparently a lot. Once I was tired of being inundated with "you don't have a business plan" and "you need more start-up money" and "nothing is ever certain and you're never going to make it in the business and what the hell are you thinking" kind of reading (okay, I may have made that last one up.) I started daydreaming about buying a franchise. A restaurant franchise because I know there's no way in hell I'd ever do it. Restaurant businesses seem like such a great idea right up until you go out of business. I've seen a lot of them come and go in the few years we've been here. But nonetheless, I was dreaming and dreaming is free right?

A few weeks ago when I was out for "ladies martini night" with my peeps (I'm so glad to have peeps here) I asked what was lacking for restaurants in our fair town. The answers ranged anywhere from Thai food to a breakfast place. Paco and I talked about how we wish there more of a sit down family restaurant á la Denny's or Perkin's. Not fantastic food but also not terribly expensive and cozy enough for kids.

There was this restaurant that closed down at the beginning of the winter that had so much potential and was completely run into the ground. The owners had completely redone the building and put all these artistic touches into it. Wrought iron railings with lovely little animals on them, just clever details that are never found in most places. We went a couple of times, the food wasn't spectacular and the service was SLOW and it was overpriced for the mediocrity and the town. My point is the building was for sale and I had a brief flash of "what if's" with that one. Thankfully my sister actually looked at the building last summer and I know what kind of shape it was in and what the current owners had done to the building for the sake of the restaurant's decor— I knew it was a no brainer, that and the fact that I don't have an unlimited supply of money.

I enjoy looking at the commercial buildings in town that are for sale, I am a dreamer. Plus it's nice to see what's available and how much they're going for (typically the buildings are overpriced for the shape the buildings are in, but really inexpensive compared to CA standards.) I found a really big building for sale here that used to be a Hotel (I'm sure there are one of those Lincoln slept here signs, there everywhere.) $400,000 for the building. Four floors of rooms and a main level of office space. Oooooh! What if I was a developer and how fun would it be to make those into condos, not terribly expensive condos three to four on each floor.... Hummmm. How would I make money on that? It's right off the square. There could be a breakfast restaurant on the main floor and on the other side could be my photography business.... I wonder how much that would cost? I wonder if my brother in law, who's an architect, could draw up some designs to use the space to its maximum capacity and kind of modern. He's been certified as a green architect (yes there is such a thing) and he could help with that too. Wow that would be so cool! It's right across the street from the park and I'd get really great sun in the afternoon and then I could....

Then one of the kids kicked me and I realized that this was a plan for another life.

....then again... what if I won the lottery?


kmbr said...

sounds good. include a rooftop garden cafe....

maybe a Subway franchise to pay for it all. For some reason people eat there.

kate said...

We already have two Subways in town, I like Blimpie better and there aren't any here— I actually looked into that. Rooftop café sounds great actually! Albeit quite hot in the summer time!